Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Senior Study Skills Seminar?

The Senior Study Skills Seminar is created by young people, for young people. By drawing from the positive and negative experiences of state rankers, 99+ ATAR recipients and high achievers, we were able to create a program that prepares HSC students at the beginning of the year for the challenges that lie ahead to reduce the stress and anxiety that surrounds the HSC.

How can I register for the seminar?

All tickets are sold via the Seymour Centre website, please refer to  for the general sale.

Please note there is one free teacher ticket for every 10 student tickets purchased.

Do you offer follow-up sessions?

Every school who registers can automatically redeem a complimentary follow up session at their school. This session ensures that the skills taught on the seminar day transfer to assist students throughout the year.

Further information on our school programs can be seen via

What are your fees?

Student tickets are $40 during the general sale. 

The pre-sale offers schools a discount for their students by getting in early!