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First Choice Tutoring: The Full Story

A Lasting Impact

With a young people, help young people approach; our school impact programs are guaranteed to have a positive effect on your school’s community. The aim is to upskill our youth with positive, lasting change in study, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

By redefining the meaning of ‘tutoring’, FCT has been able to deliver programs to schools that allow state rankers & high achievers to impact current High School students, instilling good habits that assist students to year 12 and beyond! We are able to relate to students and their habits, providing useful solutions that are practical to students and assist them to achieve results.

Our programs are designed and conducted by young people, we understand the struggles your students are going through and through this, we can deliver professional and personalised programs that can impact the lives of your students.

Our annual Senior Study Skills Seminar is held at the beginning of the HSC year, allowing FCT to create meaningful bonds with the new year 12 cohort. This seminar is then furthered by our in-school programs held the next year as we ensure that your students have learnt from our speakers on the day and can instil positive habits that last for the rest of the year and into University.

All schools who purchase tickets are able to redeem a follow up seminar held at their school as a part of the Senior Study Skills Seminar.

More information of our school programs can be found at the link below!