Senior Study Skills Seminar

Upskill your HSC students at the beginning of the year.

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All About the Senior Study Skills Seminar

Committed to Inspiring Change

Designed to motivate, inspire and educate the incoming class of 2022, our 'young people, help young people' approach gives students the chance to learn from firsthand experience. This event has been designed with the help of state rankers and high achievers to provide the new class of 2022 with the assistance and experience of the classes of 2019-2020.

This action-packed one day event will consist of recognised authors and youth specialists as well as past graduates, with interactive activities and a Q&A panel. Your Year 12s will have the opportunity to ask past graduates their questions as well as gain insightful tips and assistance from internationally-recognised speakers, including Luke S. Kennedy and Daniel Merza.

The program focuses on three key areas that are necessary to maintain a balance during the HSC; Facing your Fears, Mastering your Mental Health and Securing your Study Skills. Our speakers will take your students through each of these topics, allowing them to walk out of our seminar feeling more confident to ace the HSC!

Our positive approach to learning allows students to gain an understanding of these areas, and how to implement coping mechanisms into their personal, social and study lives so that they can maintain a balance during one of the toughest years yet!



Educate, Entertain & Inspire

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Face your Fears

Interactive segment that assists attendees to face fears that they currently face regarding the HSC.

Mastering Mental Health

All HSC students face stress & anxiety, this segment provides them with practical skills to help them from feeling overwhelmed throughout the year.

Securing Study Skills

Students will have the opportunity to fine tune their study skills by hearing from recent past state rankers, 99+ ATAR achievers and high achievers.


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